Classy Closet’s Thursday Pinterest Pick

We can’t be the only ones to love Pinterest, right?! Chances are you have a lot of boards that look similar to ours: dream house, dream closet, closets for kids, organizing tips, holiday decor, etc. Pinterest is a design-lovers dream and we receive a lot of inspiration from the rich colors, elegant designs, and modern trends on Pinterest. That’s why we are introducing the¬†Classy Closet’s Thursday Pinterest Pick. Each Thursday we will be talking about our favorite Pinterest pin of the week. We want to share the design love- and what’s not to love about that?!

This week we are digging the use of color in home decor. (Check out our other blog post about using gray in the home here.) Pops of color add a fresh and fun vibe to any room or space. Check out some of these colorful closets we are loving:

Are you brave enough to try a closet that is this bold?!

Even by adding a paint coat that has a pop of color- you can add a design element to any closet- no matter how basic.

We love the simple elegance of this light pink closet.

So, what do you think? Do you like the look of these colorful closets? Check out our website and visit our pinterest page for more ideas and inspiration! Classy Closets would love to help you design a fun and colorful closet or any other type of custom-storage solution.


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