How Classy Closets Can Help Update Your Laundry Room

We spend a lot of time in our laundry rooms, so it’s important that we actually like to be in there. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to make your laundry room a more enjoyable space.  Below is a list of ideas that can help you when trying to transform your laundry room from drab to fab:

-In order to keep your laundry room feeling light and airy, keep cabinets and countertops a lighter color- especially if there is a limited amount of light and/or windows.

-Accentuate your laundry room with a beautiful and unique light fixture.

-Keep attractive storage bins, like wicker-baskets or cloth tots, in your laundry room to store un-matched socks and other laundry room knick-knacks. This will clear your laundry room of clutter and make you feel calm and peaceful when you go in your laundry room.

-Accentuate with a colorful rug that you love.

-Install hooks in your laundry cabinetry so that you can hang towels, coats, shirts and other items that usually wind up on the laundry room floor.

-Decorate with pops of colors that make you feel happy and energetic.

-If you have a large space- dedicate the room to a hobby or craft zone so that you can enjoy yourself and keep laundry going between projects.

-Utilize your space with as much cabinet storage as possible in order to keep your room uncluttered and clean looking.

-Hang pictures in your laundry room that will make you feel happy.

-Put fresh flowers on your countertops.

Take a look at the laundry rooms below for some more inspiration:

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