Classy Closets is “Falling for Gray”

A trend that we really love right now is gray in the home. Home designers everywhere are teaching us that gray is neither drab nor dull. Gray is a versatile and classic color that can be used in a traditional or contemporary home. Depending on the color of gray that you choose and what other furnishings you pair it with gray can look clean or inviting. Gray is not merely a combination of white and black but it can be made using almost any other color- blue, green, brown, purple, etc.  There are so many different shades in which to choose- from light and subtle to dark and eye-popping. The color of gray that you choose will impact the overall feel of your living space. Also depending on what other accents you have in your home- gray can look sleek and contemporary or warm and traditional. Take a look at how some of these home gray home furnishings are paired with other decorations to create a certain aura:

Gray is the perfect neutral pallet to begin or end with. For example, if you begin with gray cabinets or a gray entertainment center you can add pops of color throughout your home that can be easily replaced as your tastes change. Try changing an area rug, pillows, a lamp, or colorful books in order to change up your home. Gray is a classic color and is not likely to overwhelm you or feel dated and will allow you to decorate as your tastes grow and change.

However, if you are more prone to bright-colored walls and bolder trends, gray can be a perfect complement to those. Gray will stabilize and balance the look of your home- allowing you to feel engaged but not overwhelmed.

We love the look of gray- and think it’s a great companion for any home and design aesthetic. If you are digging the look of gray cabinets, entertainment centers, countertops, and other home solutions as much as we are, call and schedule a free in-home estimate with a Classy Closets designer and let us help you “fall for gray.”

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