Utilizing Space in Your Home to Create More Storage

It can be an obstacle to find enough storage space in a home. It seems that we can never find enough space to combat the ever-growing amount of stuff we need to store. Ideally we would all have homes with endless amounts of storage space, but that’s a tall order. Increasingly, instead of moving to larger homes or adding additions to their homes people are finding ways to utilize the space they have.

Additional storage can be created wherever there is unused space, no matter how unique the size or shape. Walk around your house and take notice of wall space that is unused, small or large nooks that are currently not being utilized, or any other space that is currently being used as storage but could be organized better.

Take a look at the pictures below for some ideas:

HDTS-2611_under-stairs-shelves_s3x4_lg (1)


There are endless ways to increase your storage space and create unique and beautiful solutions for your home. Some examples include:

-Look up! Try and find additional space above you where you could build shelves or other types of storage units. Most homes do not have anything placed above eye-level. This leaves a lot of unused storage space.

-Look for nooks and crannies that could house storage solutions: under your stairs, around walls, in window seats, etc. Classy Closet’s custom storage solutions can be made to fit into any area. Utilizing the unique shapes of your home can give you more storage.

-Create custom-built beds that have storage solutions under them. A Classy Closets designer can help you to create a bed with storage drawers underneath.

-Consider a Murphy-bed. Murphy beds are great for utilizing your space and creating an extra bedroom when you need it. Classy Closets has a complete line of Murphy-beds which can be found on our website under our Products tab.

As you contemplate your home storage solutions, take time to examine your needs and wants. Likely the storage solutions you create are going to be in your home for a while. Create custom storage solutions that match the design aesthetic of your home. Be prepared to show pictures and ideas to your designer and explain your goal. At Classy Closets, no custom project is too difficult. We would love to help you create more storage for your home. After all, that’s what we are all about: “Life. Organized.”

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