Saving Money with an Organized Home

money-houseWe’re all looking for ways to cut costs and keep some extra cash in our wallets. Well what if we told you being organized could save you money? You’d have a tidy home and a little extra spending money. Probably sounds a little too good to be true. Well we are willing to let you in our secrets and get you organized and saving money.


Take getting reading in the morning: If your clothes are organized by color and length, you’ll be putting together an outfit in no time. Forget wasting extra minutes looking for a missing shoe or stray sock, if everything has its place, you’ll never have to search the house for essential items. Keep ties right next to shirts and belts right beside pants and it’ll be an easy way for dad to accessorize and be out the door and on time to work (for once!). It’s also a great way for you to keep track of clothing items you already own so you don’t accidentally spend money on 3 more shirts just like it!

ties and shirts


An organized home office makes us more efficient in every way. No more rummaging through a pile of paper on your desk to find the file you need for your morning meeting. Cubby dividers in your office cabinets are a convenient way to manage your bills so you will never miss a credit card payment and risk penalties or higher interest rates. Tax time will seem a lot less stressful when you have a dedicated file drawer for all the information your accountant will need to complete for your income tax filing.



Getting everyone fed and out the door on time in the morning can be a chore but an organized pantry makes it easy to get the family breakfast on the table in a flash. Kids can have a dedicated shelf with their cereal and breakfast bars within reach. Built in sliding baskets are a great place to store bags of chips and snacks for their lunch box, making it easy to prepare for the day ahead. Packing lunches means no lunch money needed!



The garage is another place where organization is a must. Knowing where your jumper cables are might be the difference between making it to that important meeting or job interview. How many times have you driven by a garage where there is no room for the car so it sits outside? We’ve all seen the devastating effects of the sun on a car that has lost its shine. And, less trips to the car wash saves money!

So there you have it. Saving money is as simple as Life. Organized.®

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