How to Spruce Up an Old Dresser

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We all love the look of those refurnished vintage dressers that are all over the Internet and HGTV. But if you’re trying to buy one for your house, they can get pretty expensive. A quick, easy remedy for this is to make your own! We all have that dresser from the 90s that we’ve never gotten around to throwing out. However, with a fresh coat of paint, you can give it new life and change its outdated look to make it the focal point of the whole room!




Wood block (optional)

Damp cloth



1. Sand the dresser with heavy and medium grit sand paper following the grain. Start with the heavy and then go back over the whole dresser with the medium grit sand paper to smooth any ridges the heavy paper has left. Always use long, even sanding strokes with applied pressure to remove the paint. You don’t need to get down to bare wood, just past the shiny finish. If you are sanding without a machine, try wrapping the sand paper around a wood block. It makes the sand paper easier to maneuver and gives your hands a break.

2. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the residue left by the sand paper. Check for any shiny spots left and sand them away. Allow the dresser to dry.

3. Apply your paint color to the dresser. If you don’t want to prime it, use two coats of paint. Be sure to stay with the grain to give your dresser a smooth, finished look.

4. Finally, add matching knobs to your dresser!

This new, updated dresser will save you money and revamp any room, whether it’s a guest room, kids room, or your own!

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