Make Your Own Bookshelf

spine bookshelf

Hey Phoenix!

Every family has their own unique style and their homes are a part of that! Make your home one of a kind by building your own bookshelf! A great and easy one to start with is the spine bookshelf. Unlike traditional bookcases, the spine bookshelf is minimalistic and doesn’t waste space. Although you can buy this bookshelf, building it yourself with save you money and will allow you to personalize it to your home and family’s style.

1. Go to your local home improvement store and get wood. You’ll need a 2×4 (get it as long as you want your bookshelf to be tall.) This will be the “spine” of your bookshelf and will eventually be screwed into the wall. Next, pick out some sturdy planks for your books to be placed on. Be sure they are wide and deep enough to fit the books. Finally, pick out some heavy-duty screws.

2. Prime and paint! The color and texture of your paint will enhance the style of your home, so make sure to pick a color that you love!

3. Screw the planks of wood onto the 2×4 at the desired widths and screw the spine into the wall.

No matter what room you put this in, the spine bookshelf will bring a unique design element without looking bulky.

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