Creating Your Own Chalkboard


Hey Phoenix!

Are you becoming bored with your home’s décor? A great, inexpensive way to spruce it up is to make your own chalkboard! Whether it’s for a daily meal planner or the entire wall of a playroom, chalkboards are a fun and easy way to decorate.

What you need:

  • A cool frame (look at flea markets or second hand stores for pretty, unique ones)
  • Particle board to use as your chalkboard
  • Saw
  • Primer
  • Chalkboard paint
  • A paint roller to apply the paint

First, outline the shape of your frame onto the particle board and cut the outline with the saw. If your frame already comes with a board, just sand it down so it’s smooth.

Apply the primer to the board and let it dry.

Apply the chalkboard paint to the board. You can either buy your chalkboard paint at any home improvement store, or you can make your own. A Beautiful Mess blog has a great tutorial that allows you to choose the color of your chalkboard paint. Allow it to dry for three days.


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