DIY Drying Rack

ladder drying rack

Hey Phoenix!

With the summer heat pushing electricity bills higher and higher, saving money wherever you can becomes a priority. A great way of doing this is to hang dry your clothes. Instead of wasting electricity to use the dryer, you can build your own drying rack! One unique idea is to upcycle an old, wooden ladder. Upcycling old items around the house is a great, easy way to save money and decorate at the same time!

To start, get a wooden ladder, whether it’s sitting in your garage or waiting for you at a swap meet. Depending on how long you want it, you can cut your ladder down using a saw to match your exact specifications. If you don’t have one and don’t want to buy it, consider making one with a couple 2x4s and some thick wooden dowels.

After you’ve obtained your ladder, prime and paint it to match your laundry room. If it’s an older ladder, you might consider sanding it first to keep chips of wood out of your clothes.

To use, you can either prop it up on the floor against a wall or hang it up on the ceiling. For the former, you’re done!

For the latter, pick up some chain and hooks at a home improvement store. Screw four hooks into the ladder, one at each corner and then attach four more on the ceiling at the same proportions. Finally, attach the chain from the ladder to the ceiling and you’re done!

With this drying rack, we hope that your home can become a little more economical and unique!

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