Get Your Garage Looking Brand New!


Hey Phoenix!

Garages are often the messiest part of a home. Balls, bikes, and tools are scattered in-between cars, making it difficult to maneuver. It is cleaned less often because it is a transitional part of the home. You never stay in it for long, usually just enough time to get in and out of the car. But it’s time to clear out the mess and make it a place to be proud of!

The first step, as always, is to de-clutter. Looking at the mess can make cleaning out your garage a daunting task. But by clearing out the stuff you don’t need, you reduce the mess and you see what really needs to be done. Start by throwing out old toys you have accumulated throughout the years and go from there.

Next, utilize wall space and put up pegboards. Instead of leaving your tools lying on a workbench, hang them on pegboards with hooks or screwdriver racks. This organizes all your tools in one place, making them easy to find.

Don’t leave your gardening tools propped up against the wall. Hang them up on the wall with heavy-duty hooks. This gets the out of the way and out of the hands of kids.

Get your bikes out of the way of cars and onto the walls with bike hooks or racks. This will leave more space for cars and your bikes won’t constantly be falling over.

Finally, hang a ball rack on the wall for all the sports balls in your garage.

For a brighter, more open atmosphere, change the bulbs in the garage lighting and give the door a good cleaning.

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