Convert a Closet into a Library

reach-in library

For book lovers, a personal library is a must. Unfortunately, an in-home library can be difficult for homeowners to attain, as there is little room for libraries in most homes. However, closets provide a great place to create your own library or book nook. They give you a place to store your books without taking up too much space and make your home more interesting and inviting.

To begin, decide on your closet. Which size would best suit your home and family?

A walk-in closet is the largest and most versatile of options. As the closet with the most room, it provides space to convert it into a book nook instead of just a library. After painting and installing the shelving, consider adding an interesting chair and lighting to make it more comfortable and to provide a space to get away from the distractions of life.

For reach-in closets, you can either add French doors or remove the doors completely. By adding French doors to a reach-in closet, it can instantly make the library/book nook look more interesting and can display your books in a nicer, cleaner way. However, removing the doors completely allows for a more open feel, allowing you the opportunity to add an interesting chair, thus giving you the opportunity to turn it into more of a book nook. linen closet library

Finally, the linen/coat closet enables you to use less room for the same desired effect. It is the most convenient option for a closet library, albeit the smallest. You can easily clean out a linen closet to make room for your books. Add a French door with glass inserts to show off your collection and voilà!

After you’ve decided on the closet, start thinking about paint colors. Adding color to the back wall or even all the walls can drastically change the atmosphere. Whether it is a walk-in closet or a linen closet, atmosphere is everything. It can transform an area into a place you always want to be.

After paint comes the most important step: shelving. Depending on the rest of your design and what you want the tone of your library to be, think about whether you want reclaimed wood or regular wood. Lori Hamblin, a designer here at Classy Closets, gives an excellent alternative to reclaimed wood. Because reclaimed wood is not as durable as regular wood, Lori suggests using melamine instead, which can come in a reclaimed wood style.

For French doors, go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and take a look at the styles and colors of French doors they have there. If you can’t find anything that works, consider looking up your local mill shop for more personalized options.reach-in library 1

Are DIY projects not your thing? Our Classy Closets designers would be happy to help you convert your closet into the perfect library or book nook for your home. Visit us at your local showroom for more information.

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  1. Thomas says:

    That’s not something I would have ever thought about doing on my own! I just use my closets as closets. But this is a very impressive idea. One thing I would like to bring up, though, is while you should take a good look at the door situation, you should also think about door frames, as they are the entire outline of the thing.

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