Get your pantry organized fast!


Hey Phoenix!

Spring-cleaning usually inspires us to clean our homes from bathrooms and bedrooms to living rooms and offices. However, pantries are usually skipped over. An organized pantry can keep you organized in the other aspects of your life, like grocery shopping and meal planning, so it’s important to keep up the system. To help you keep it up, we have a few tips for pantry organization.

First, de-clutter. If you haven’t cleaned out your pantry in a while, it’s likely that you have quite a few expired items. Throw them all away to make room for their replacements.

Second, arrange the food in a logical order. Group foods together that are similar (canned foods, snack foods, cereals, grains, etc.), then in order of size. This will help you while you’re cooking and will look nice and neat.

Third, look into pantry storage solutions. Here at Classy Closets, we can refurnish your pantry so you can maximize your storage space and make it look great! (Visit our website for more information).

Fourth, maintain. Keep your pantry clean and organized by continuing the system you have just created.

For more organizational tips, take a look at our Classy Closets Pinterest page! Also, visit us at our Chandler showroom for more information on refurbishing your pantry!

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