Mother’s Day Deal

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Wondering how Mother’s Day was started?

In 1868, Ann Jarvis was working to establish a “Mother’s Friendship Day” to reunite families who had been separated in the Civil War. However, she died before it became popular. Her daughter, Anna Jarvis, continued her efforts and succeeded in establishing Mother’s Day in honor of her mother.

Mother’s Day has offered an opportunity to celebrate and honor mothers all around the world since 1908. However, it is not limited to just mothers. Wives, daughters, sisters, and friends can be celebrated on this day as well. Every mother deserves something special, so forget the flowers and chocolate and let Classy Closets help! This May 12th, celebrate the mother in your life with the gift of organization! If you’re in the Phoenix area, you can help her organize her life with a full walk-in master closet customization for $400 off or a basic reach-in closet starting at only $289. Closet already organized? Take a look at our home office, garage, and kitchen remodeling deals as well. Classy Closets has it all! Stay tuned for upcoming Father’s Day promotions.

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  2. Yose says:

    I actually rellay like the way u did ur closet more so than the inspiration photos. I think it’s because yours has more light and you can see everything in one place more or less. Your shoe display is my fave. Really cool how u displayed the boots sideways which adds more perspective. I would def install TONS of shelf space for my shoes. Right now they’re all over the place, downstairs, upstairs, in boxes… Cool post darlin. Please show us ur chriselle-closet-makeover when it’s done!Xoxoo Diana

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