5 Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning

Today marks the first day of Spring! With gorgeous weather, freshly sprouted flowers, and bright colors, also comes that time of year to do some major cleaning!

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be stressful or dreaded. We’ve got some easy tips to help you get organized and stay organized!

All of these ideas have come from things we’ve found on Pinterest. In fact, we have a whole board dedicated to organizing tips.

Here are the top 5 that we love! You will also find links to the original blog posts to learn more about the projects.

1. Use a mop holder to store spices in your pantry.

This is a quick and easy way to find the spice you need while cooking or baking. No more fumbling through and knocking over spices as you search.

2. Use pocket shoe organizers to store toys, school supplies, bathroom appliances and more and get the clutter off the floor.

The uses are endless and the organization is perfect! Everything can be kept in one spot and if you find a shoe organizer with a lot of pockets you can store even more!

3. Use old screens to make a hamper.

This has such a rustic look to it. The screens provide a venting system so dirty laundry doesn’t get a musty smell.

4. Use binder clips to organizer appliance wires.

Admit it. We all get frustrated with the amount of wires that get tangled up behind a TV or computer. This is such a simple way to keep all the cords in their own place.

5. Turn bookshelves on their side for benches with drawers.

Talk about dual purposes! What a great idea! By turning a bookshelf on its side, you not only get a nice window bench, but add some cubbies and you’ve got drawers to hide toys or other household items in.

We love staying organized! Have a great tip? We’d love to hear it! Happy Spring and happy Spring cleaning!

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