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Classy Closets’ Luxury Closet Featured in Toll Brothers Model Home

Classy Closets is honored to be featured in the Toll Brother’s Montevista neighborhood located in Cave Creek, AZ. We had the opportunity to design a beautiful luxury closet for one of their most recent model homes. Classy Closets and Toll Brothers both believe in high-quality, custom home construction so this partnership is a great one!

This Classy Closets’ luxury closet features textured melamine imported from Italy. Beautiful glass cabinets and open shelving help to make the closet feel large and spacious and silver accessories and a large chandelier add instant luxury.

Optimized Classy Closets Toll Bros 1

A master closet by Classy Closets is the perfect way to boost efficiency and store your belongings in style. For more information on our master closets, give us a call at 888.294.4984.

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Classy Closets: More Than Just Closets

Did you know that Classy Closets offers more than just custom closets? Exciting, right?!

We offer a complete line of home organization and home storage solutions. Pretty much- if you can imagine it- we can build it! People are often surprised that we offer more than closets- but the professional and creative designers at Classy Closets create premier laundry rooms, entertainment centers, bookshelves, bathrooms, kitchens and more.

Take a look at the newest addition to our Chandler, AZ showroom. This modern design features blue cabinets, white quartz countertops, sleek bathroom finishes, and metal hardware. We recently spent time in Germany and were inspired by the contemporary design aesthetic. If you’re ready to create something that is not functional and beautiful- Classy Closets is your perfect match.

Classy Closets Showroom Bathroom


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Classy Closets’ Design Ideas for a Traditional Home Office

As long as we are talking Home Office organization, (check out our latest blog posts here and here for more Home Office organization tips and tricks from Classy Closets) we need to talk about the best part! Decorating your, now impeccably organized, home office. Classy Closets considers designing your office space just as important as organizing it. We understand the importance of loving your space and feeling at home in it. We think the perfect pairing to a rich, deep wood home office by Classy Closets would be some of these traditional elements. Traditional home decor is characterized by elements or motifs that have been passed down through generations. For example, the below collage you will notice: leather, maps, ornate rugs, and wood. Traditional decor usually has strong lines and classic colors such as black, cream, brown, and beige. Traditional design is meant to feel comfortable and relaxed with a feeling of strength and invite. Classic lines and furniture help to make anyone feel at home.
Traditional Home Office
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Home Office Organization: Part Two

Home Office by Ballard Designs

Home Office by Ballard Designs
















In our latest blog, we talked about the most important part of organizing your home office: evaluating your needs and designing your office space to fit your lifestyle. Now that you have your perfect home office- how do you organize it? Try some of these helpful hints:

1. PURGE! That’s right- it’s time to clean out your home office. Get rid of things that you don’t need and that are just taking up space. A general rule to follow is: if you haven’t used it in a year- throw it out! So, throw out those broken pens, old papers and magazines, and any other unwanted office supplies. By keeping things neat, tidy, and efficient you will streamline your office and your time.

2. Clean out your filing system. That’s right… we know nobody ever wants to do this… But, it will be helpful. We promise. It’s time to sort through those endless piles of paper. Shred unimportant files and organize your important ones. Just doing this will give you peace of mind when you walk into your office.

3.Clear off your desk. In order to feel organized your desk to be a clean space. Don’t store office supplies, printers, papers, mail, etc. on top of you desk. Clearing off your desk will make your space less cluttered. When designing your home office make sure you account for enough storage space.

4. One of the more accessible cupboards should include a space for your most current projects. Including incoming mail, bills to be paid, and outgoing mail. Stand-up file folders should help to organize your documents.

5. Clean out your computer. Yep, you’ve cleaned up your physical files and now it’s time to clean out your virtual ones. Spend an evening going through your computer and cleaning it up a bit. Erase old documents that you don’t need and create new files with short and definitive names to store the documents you do need. Name your pictures files by date so that you can easily find a picture you are looking for.

6. Buy a document shredder and a wastebasket for your office. This will help with anything unnecessary piling up around your office. Immediately shred any unwanted mail with personal information and toss the rest.

7. Place a picture or another sentimental piece to make your office feel more personal.

8. Consider carefully how you want to decorate your home office. More than likely you will spend a lot of time here. Consider what type of design elements you want to incorporate and slowly begin to add colors you want to incorporate. For design ideas see this Classy Closets’ blog post, and watch for more like it very soon.

Are you feeling inspired yet?! Okay, go! It’s time to start checking off some of your New Year resolutions. With these easy tips, your home office should be brag-worthy in no time. For more information about our custom-built home offices, visit our website and schedule a free in-home consultation.  It’s never been a better time to schedule an appointment for a home office; Classy Closets is currently offering $500 off a custom-designed home office.


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Home Office Organization: Part One

The beginning of a new year comes at the perfect time. After months of holidays, parties, eating, and collecting more stuff- January comes around and allows you to slow down, contemplate, and organize your life. Making goals and having a fresh start is infectious. Is one of your goals to become more organized? Over the next few weeks, follow along on the Classy Closets’ blog for some tips and ideas on how to organize different spaces in your home. Today we are tackling the home office.

Classic Mahogany Desk designed by Classy Closets

Classic Mahogany Desk designed by Classy Closets

Your home office may be a small nook in your home or an entire room, but either way- it’s important to keep it organized. We are constantly trying to stay and feel more organized in life and your home office is the epicenter of organization. It stores your calendars, work information, important appointment dates, pictures, and files. If you want to get uber-organized in the new year- your home office is the perfect place to start. Here are some of our best design ideas and organization tips for creating a streamlined and organized office.

1. Evaluate your individual needs. Ask yourself these questions:

-What is this space primarily used for? Work, storage, kids doing their homework?

- Do you have a computer, printer, scanner, copier, or multiple computers?

-Do you need space to spread out your work or do you work primarily from your computer?

-Do you have wires that need to be contained?

-Do you need a built in file system?

-Do you have books to store?

-Is this space a multi-purpose room? Do you need space/storage for other activities or hobbies?

Evaluating the needs of your space is the most important part of organizing your home office. Once you get that done, your half way there!

Classy Closets offers an endless possibility of uniquely designed home offices. We understand that our customers each have different needs. We take time to discuss your needs and wants, and to create the perfect home office for you and your family. If you need a new home office or updates and renovations on an old one, contact Classy Closets for a free in-home consultation.

White Home Office with Stained Desktop designed by Classy Closets

White Home Office with Stained Desktop designed by Classy Closets

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Design Ideas for a Contemporary Home Office

Happy 2014 to you all! Classy Closets is gearing up for a great year and we look forward to helping make your year great as well. To start the year off right– we are going to be giving some organization and design tips. We want to help you be as organized and inspired as possible! So if you have a goal to get organized and design your home, follow along on the Classy Closets blog.

Try pairing some of these contemporary design elements with one of Classy Closets unique and personalized home offices.

contemporary office space
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Christmas Countdown: All-White Christmas Decorations

Living Room from House to Home

Living Room from House to Home

Hi, all! Welcome to the Classy Closets Christmas Countdown! We are having so much fun talking about all-things Christmas. Check out our last blog post for more.

On our Countdown today: all-white Christmas decorations. We love them. They are simple and classic. They are understated and yet they really leave an impression! It doesn’t matter if you’re going for  a modern, traditional, Victorian, or any other look- all-white Christmas decorations can be transformed to fit any design-aesthetic.

Here are a couple tips to help you when decorating with all-white:

1. Not all of the decorations need to be the exact same hue and/or color. Use some off-whites, creams, and even whites with hues of gray and blue. This will help add interest to your space and help it from feeling one dimensional.

2. Throw in pops of metallic decorations for visual interest and sparkle. Silver, gold, or copper decorations are a great way to add extra

3. Dedicate certain spaces to all-white decorations. If you choose to decorate with all-white decorations on your hearth, side table, front door, etc., you are not limited to all-white in other spaces in your home or even in the same room. Greenery and other colored Christmas decorations will help to accentuate your choice of all-white decorations.

4. Go to a local second-hand/thrift store to find less expensive Christmas decorations that you could spray paint white. This will keep cost low and give you a fun Do-It-Yourself project!

Image Via

Image Via

Image via

Image via


Image via

Image via


Image via

Image via

For more Christmas ideas, tips, and designs- keep following the Classy Closets blog until Christmas Day.


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Christmas Countdown Day One: Garlands

There is only one more week until Christmas! And, it’s time for our Christmas Countdown! For the next seven days we will countdown some of our favorite Christmas gift ideas, designs, and decorations. We love Christmas and all it brings- the joy and peace of giving to others and time spent around those we love. Merry Christmas to you all!

DAY ONE: Christmas Garlands

A garland is a decorative cord that can be hung on a Christmas tree, hearth, bookshelf, or anywhere else that needs a little Christmas cheer. Originally Christmas garlands were made primarily from pine needles and pine trimmings. Today however, Christmas garlands can be made from anything and everything. Take a look at some of our favorite Christmas garlands. We think these would look great hung from a Classy Closet bookshelf or entertainment center:

Christmas-Garland-4 designimprovised garland 1 decoratingbyday garland by jenniferchong garland by lovelyindeed garland by mkinspired garland by bellamumma


To share your favorite garlands or to share photos of your own garlands and for a chance to be re-posted on the Classy Closets Blog and Facebook page- upload your photo and tag us in your Facebook post and/or hashtag your Twitter picture #classyclosetschristmas. We look forward to seeing your photos!

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Classy Closet’s Tips: Decorating Your Bookshelves

Ok, ok- let’s talk more about libraries, books, bookshelves and comfy couches! You don’t have to twist our arm! We aren’t done talking about them yet, either.

After our last blog post about libraries and bookshelves- we’ve been collecting new ideas and dreaming about creating some unique Classy Closet’s libraries. The possibilities are endless and we absolutely love some of the creative and beautiful ideas we have seen for decorating your bookshelves.

Here is a list of some of our favorite ideas:

*Add a different color to the walls behind your bookshelf. This helps to deepen and enrich the colors in the room and to bring out your bookshelf- making it even more noticeable. (Image via




*Add personal touches by incoporating family heirlooms, pictures, favorite decor and more. A book shelf will have more visual interest if it is not lined completely with books. (Image via Lonny Mag)




*Try organizing your books by color and likeness for a creative and bright- but tailored look.

Traditional Family Room by Richmond Home Stagers Carol Vaughan-Davis


*Take advantage of extra bookshelf space by implementing home decor. Allow some of the bookshelf to be used by things other than books.


*Solid colored books and decor stand out and give an extra pop to your bookshelf. By looking at the bookshelf below you can easily see how the solid-colored items stand out more easily and give extra dimension.


*Lighting is everything! Try lighting your bookshelves with over-shelf lighting.


*Vary the height of the design elements in your bookcase. Create visual interest by creating different dimensions.

What can we say? We love a good bookshelf. Most especially if it is decorated to express your unique style and creativity! Contact Classy Closets today for a free in-home design consultation! Creating your perfect library or bookshelf is just a call or click away.

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