Contemporary vs. Traditional Design Styles

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Deciding on which style to design your home can be a challenge. Even within a family there can be many different design ideas and consolidating them into a cohesive look can be difficult. Because of this, it is important to research your options. With help from Expressive Creations, Classy Closets can help you on your way to designing your home in the style that you love!

Because two of the top competitors in the design world are the contemporary style and the traditional style, these are the styles we will be focusing on.



The contemporary style is a minimalist approach to design. It has less clutter and allows for a clean, modern feel. Walls, window treatments, upholstered furniture, and floors have a neutral color (usually white, black, or beige) as a base and flairs of color are included in accessories (such as pillows). Clean lines, geometric shapes, and a lack of design clutter are crucial to the contemporary design aesthetic. Tables are usually glass or metal and lighting is sleek and metal toned, although a lot of natural light is used. Interesting and unique design elements are used much more than in traditional designs.



Where contemporary uses a minimalist approach, traditional calls back to the baroque period of design. This design aesthetic usually presents a luxurious, rich feeling to a room. Walls are covered in wallpaper and crown mouldings are used to highlight the walls. The color palettes can include anything from pastels to bold, regal tones and fabrics are structured and multi-layered. Furniture has warm wood colors and usually has soft curve lines, reminiscent of the Queen Anne style. Metallic tones in artwork and framing are essential to the traditional style. Floral arrangements, landscape paintings, and baroque style frames are also key to this style.

Do you prefer the contemporary or the traditional style? Do you have a different favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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