How to Paint Upholstery

paint couch

Hey Chandler!

Painting your furniture is a great, inexpensive way to personalize your home! Painting your furniture is a lot cheaper than completely reupholstering it and you can make it the perfect color for your home!

What you’ll need:

1 quart of either acrylic or latex satin paint in the color of your choice

1 spray bottle full of water (refillable)

1 paint brush

Fabric medium (equal to the amount of paint you use

Super fine grit sand paper

1. Wipe down the chair or couch so it’s totally clean.

2. Mix together 1:1 parts paint with the fabric medium. The fabric medium will help the fabric from becoming hard. Next, mix in water. There should be about ½ as much water as there is paint (1 part water, 2 parts paint).

3. Spray a section of the chair generously with water and rub the water into the fabric. Brush on the paint while blending it in. This base coat is supposed to be very watered down, so don’t overuse the mixture. Be sure to brush with the grain on your last stroke so the fabric doesn’t dry out of place.

4. Apply two coats of this watered down mixture to the chair. Each layer should be very thin and apply more water if it is too thick in some places. Be sure to let each layer dry before starting a new one.

5. Sand down any particularly rough patches of your chair in the direction of the grain.

6. Finally, apply the top coat. Once again, mix 1:1 parts paint with fabric medium, adding in only a small amount of water to dilute the mixture. This will be the coat that gives the chair its deep color, so paint this layer more generously and fully. Let dry.

7. Enjoy!

We hope you love your unique chair that you’ve made yourself! For other innovative ideas, check out our Pinterest page!

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How to Repaint an Old Dresser

Dresser repainting 018

Hey Chandler!

A great, simple way to decorate any room is to refinish a piece of furniture, like a dresser. We all have that dresser from the 90s that we’ve never gotten rid of. It sits there in the corner of a closet, unused and out of style. However, you can give it new life with a fresh coat of paint and chic new knobs!

What you’ll need:

paint brush


wood block (optional)

damp cloth



1. With heavy and medium grit sand paper, sand the dresser following the wood grain. Start with the heavy and then go back over it with the medium grit sand paper to smooth any ridges the heavy paper has left. Use long, even sanding strokes with applied pressure to remove the paint. It is not necessary to get down to bare wood for repainting. You only need to remove the shiny finish and have a smooth surface. (An easy way to sand is by wrapping the sanding paper around a wood block. It makes it easier to maneuver and gives your hands a break.)

2. Wipe the residue away with a damp cloth. If there are any shiny spots left, sand them again. Allow the dresser to dry.

3. Apply your choice of color to the dresser. If you don’t want to prime it, simply use two coats of the color you want. Start at the top of the dresser and work your way down in one direction, staying with the grain, giving it a smooth, finished look.

4. Add matching knobs to your dresser, and you’re done!

Add this new and improved dresser to a nursery, kids room, or guest room to finish off a room!

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Easy Tips to Organize Your Drawers

filing clothes

Hey Chandler!

Finding clothes in your dresser can sometimes be a chore. For most people with busy lifestyles, putting clothes away nicely is not exactly a priority. However, an organized method to your dresser can make getting ready in the morning faster and maintenance is easy. A simple fold and order to your dresser can utilize space and keep your life at the pace you need.

1. Decide on a folding technique. There are two methods that we recommend: rolling or folding. (Stay tuned for a video tutorial on how to fold shirts with the same outcome every time!) Roll or fold them in a way that allows you to see the logo or graphic so you can differentiate between shirts.

2. Stack, or file, your shirts, pants, and pajamas next to each other instead of on top of each other. This allows you to see all of your clothes at once and reduces the chance of forgetting any shirts and keeps your dresser neat. Maintaining this order is easy and fast because your clothes do not get overturned every time you search for a shirt.

3. Finally, add dividers in your drawers to separate undergarments, socks, and tanks.

For more organizational tips, check out our Pinterest page!

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Purse Organization

purse storage

Hey Chandler!

Storing purses is more difficult than storing many other items because of the space they take up. Purses are bulky and there aren’t many convenient places to store them. Because of this, they often end up on the floor in the corner of your closet, piling up and making a mess. Utilizing a few, simple purse organizers can open up the space in your closet and clean up the mess on the floor!

First is the purse file. It is essentially a closet shoe holder for purses. This purse file is made out of clear vinyl so you can easily see and choose your purse. This is great for clutches and leather purses (leather purses should not be hung by their handles).

Then there is the over the door purse rack, which accommodates for both space and number of handbags. It can be hung on the back of a bedroom or closet door. This rack keeps your purses off the floor and out of the way, using a small amount of space to do it.

Third is the over the rod purse rack. Much like the door rack, the rod rack utilizes space by holding up to 20 purses and accessories. It is hung on the rod inside your closet, making your room look more organized.

Shower curtain hooks are an easy DIY purse organizer and can be hung from closet rods. With this route, clutches and leather bags can be stored in baskets on a shelf.

We hope that these tips have helped you organize your life just a little more! For more organizational tips, visit Classy Closets at our Pinterest page!

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Clean Up Your Pantry!


Hey Chandler!

Although it is often skipped over during spring-cleaning, it is important to organize your pantry according to your needs and preferences. An organized pantry can keep your entire kitchen looking neat and can keep other aspects or your life organized, like grocery shopping and meal planning. We have a few tips to help you clean your pantry and maintain its organization.

1. De-clutter. If it’s been a while since you last cleaned your pantry, you probably have a bunch of old, expired food. Removing these from the pantry can free up a lot of space and make room for the food you can actually eat!

2. Look into storage solutions. Here at Classy Closets, we can makeover your pantry to your exact specifications. We can make your pantry fun and interesting, giving your whole kitchen a facelift.

3. Store your food. Keep foods stored in a logical fashion by grouping foods together that are similar (canned foods, snack foods, cereals, grains, etc.) and then in order of size. This will help your pantry look its best while making it easy to find the item you need!

4.  Maintain, maintain, maintain. Keep up the system by throwing away expired items and keeping your new, organized pantry clean!

For more organizational tips, take a look at our Classy Closets Pinterest! Also, visit us at our Chandler showroom for more information on refurbishing your pantry!

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Make Your Own Unique Bookshelf!

spine bookshelf

Hey Chandler!

Books can always make a home more unique and inviting and the way you present your books can have a big impact on the style and overall feeling of your home. A great bookshelf that you can make yourself is the spine bookshelf. Although you can buy this bookshelf, building it yourself will save you money and allow you to personalize it to your specific qualifications.

The first thing you’ll need is wood. Go to your local home improvement store and pick up a 2×4 that is the length that you need. This will be the “spine” of your bookshelf and will eventually be screwed into the wall. Then pick out some sturdy planks that your books will rest on. Get as many as you need. Be sure to check that they are wide enough for your books to rest on. While you’re at the home improvement store, pick up some heavy-duty screws.

Next, prime and paint! The color and texture of your paint will enhance the style of your home, so choose wisely!

Finally, screw the planks of wood onto the 2×4 at the desired widths and screw the spine into the wall.

Whether you place your new spine bookshelf in your family room or your child’s bedroom, it will doubtlessly bring a distinctive, chic style that will brighten any room.

Check out our Pinterest page for more unique home décor!

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How to Make Your Own Chalkboard


Hey Chandler!

Summer is a time for fun with your kids with projects and activities. Whether it’s going to the pool or indoor board games, taking time to be with your kids is always important. A great project to do with and for your kids is to make personalized chalkboards! They can spruce up bedrooms, kitchens, or even front porches!

What you’ll need:

  • A pretty frame (look at flea markets or second hand stores for cool and unique ones)
  • Particle board to use as your chalkboard
  • Saw
  • Primer
  • Chalkboard paint
  • A roller to apply the paint

1. Outline the unique shape of your frame onto the particleboard and use the saw to cut out the shape. (Be sure to keep the saw out of reach of the kids.) If your frame already comes with a board, just sand it down so it’s smooth.

2. Apply the primer to the board. Let dry.

3. Apply the chalkboard paint to the board. (You can either buy chalkboard paint from any home improvement store, or you can make your own with your choice of color with this tutorial via A Beautiful Mess blog.) Let dry for three days before writing on the board.

4. Enjoy!

For more cool ideas like this, visit the Classy Closets Pinterest page!

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Organizing Cords

Hey Chandler!

Whether it’s in the office, entertainment center, or garage, power cords are messy and always in the way, and in this electronic dominating age, the cords are endless. Luckily, getting them out of sight and out of mind is easy and inexpensive.

1. Identify your cords with labels. With the mess of cords around an entertainment system or office, it is easy to mistake cords. With cord labels, you will never have to unplug the wrong cord again.


2. Gather the slack with cable ties. Most of the mess with cords comes from the length. Tie them up and reduce almost all of the clutter! While you can use regular zip ties to get the job done, reusable ties can be used hundreds of times without being cut.

cable tie

3. Have a lot of gadgets to charge? Hide the cords with a DIY foam pipe insulator. Just slice the foam down the length and store the cords inside with the ends hanging out the slit. The Unclutterer blog has step-by-step photos to help you.


4. Store extension cords in a paper towel tube. This is great for the garage, where extension cords can hang on a pegboard. It may not be the most attractive thing in the world, but it can make your slew of extension cords a lot more manageable.

papertowel extension cord

5. Keep laptop and phone chargers at hand with binder clips. Simply release one clamp, slip the cord through, and clip it onto your desk! This is a simple, but effective way to keep your cords where you want them. Check out lihab’s Flickr set for step-by-step photos.

binder clips

6. Keep the cords off the floor with a wire basket (aka cable tray). Snake cords under your desk and through a wire basket. By sticking the wire basket to the underside of your desk, you keep the cords off the floor and create a clean, uncluttered work area.


For more organizational tips, check out our Classy Closets Pinterest page!

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Organizing Your Schedule

schedule pic

Is your schedule becoming too chaotic with the coming of summer? Do you find yourself overworked and stretched thin between all of your appointments and to-do lists?

It might be time for a new way of scheduling.

Effective scheduling is crucial for an organized life, and here at Classy Closets we love organization. Scheduling isn’t just about packing as much into your day as possible. It’s about time management and planning.

With help from She Knows Living and Mrs. January, we have a few tips to help you organize your schedule.

1. Start tracking your time: Begin noting how long daily tasks take, including commuting, eating, social media, and errands.

2. Cut out time-wasters: After a week of tracking your time management, start cutting out wasteful activities that are counter-productive to your goals. Things like social media scrolling and TV watching are usually unnecessary and can be set aside until all of the “must do” items are completed.

3. Stay focused: Time management is key to a successful schedule. Don’t get distracted by other daunting tasks that lie ahead. Stay in the moment and work on one task at a time.

To help you keep your schedule, here are five organizing phone apps.

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