Classy Closets of Chandler: Helping You Prepare for the Holidays

Happy October, Chandler! Fall is finally here- and with it comes the promise of cooler weather, fun-filled holidays, great sports on T.V., and loads of family and friend time. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome fall and everything that comes with it.

Chances are you’re starting to think about getting ready for the holidays and fall visitors. It can be overwhelming to think about beginning to de-clutter and organize your home or to try and create more storage space before your guests arrive. Classy Closets can help! We are experts in helping people get organized for the holidays season. One of our favorite things about fall is helping people to create beautiful home storage solutions just in time for the holidays.

It’s best to start preparing for the holidays earlier rather than later. This will help save you stress and let you have fun while preparing. If you have been wanting to spruce up your home by creating a custom entertainment center or by giving your kitchen or bathroom a face-lift- now would be a great time to contact us.

Recently one of our designers, Lori Hamblin, created these custom masterpieces for one of our customers:


This custom entertainment center streamlines storage and beauty. A custom entertainment center can double or triple the amount of storage space you currently have in your television room. Imagine watching football or a great holiday classic with friends and family around. Creating your dream entertainment center would be the perfect way to start the holidays!


This office space will help you to organize and de-clutter just in time for the holidays. Turn what is an eye-sore space into a sleek and beautiful way to stay organized.

We can’t wait to help you enjoy the holidays! Schedule a free in-home appointment with one of our designers at or by calling 888-294-4984.

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