Classy Closets Creates Custom Bathrooms

It seems that bathrooms usually fall to the bottom of our “To Renovate List.” They often get overshadowed by larger spaces in the home. However, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom- often times as much, or more, than in other rooms in our home. If your bathroom is blah, boring, or makes you cringe whenever you walk in- it’s time to consider renovating it.

There are a lot of pros to updating your bathroom. First, when you say goodbye to your outdated cabinets and colors and replace them with modern updates you will also add to the value of your home. Secondly, renovating your bathroom does not need to cost a lot of money. Because of the relatively small size, bathrooms won’t break the bank when renovating. Often times a coat of paint, new cabinets and/or counter tops, and some new fixtures will do the trick. Another pro to updating your bathroom is that when you design your new bathroom you have the ability to create more storage space. Added storage space will make your bathroom feel sleek and clean by getting rid of clutter. Finally, creating a beautiful, modern, clutter-free space will give you peace of mind. You will love stepping into an updated, new bathroom.

Take a look at some of these inspiring bathroom designs and start planning your bathroom renovation today:

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