Knobs vs. Handles: Everything You Need to Know

handles 3With such a vast variety of design choices when it comes to knobs and handles, the decision can be overwhelming. Deciding which style best suits your décor can depend on a lot of factors. But take a deep breath because we’ve got everything you ever needed (or wanted) to know about knobs and handles.



-never go out of style

-large variety of styles to choose from

-easy to install

-single attachment point (only one screw)

-most common for kitchen cabinets



-bold, modern lines

-preferred by those seeking a graceful or sophisticated look

-Facilitates your entire hand to open, which many consider to be more comfortable

-Offers additional strength and durability because they are attached in two places

-a bit more freedom with design


So which should you use?

Typically, handles are used for drawers and knobs for doors, but you can use either a knob or a handle pull for your drawers and cabinets. Both are functional, so the decision to use a knob or pull is really more about design not use. In general, a larger knob will be easier for the elderly to use than a small knob. But a handle pull will be even easier to use than a knob, particularly one large enough to get the back side of your hand through, so that gripping and pulling with fingers is not required. The “universal design” concept is to use knobs and pulls that will be appropriate as the homeowners age.

Knobs and Handle Trends:

One recent trend is to use larger knobs on drawers, maybe even ones that look a little “out of place”. Another recent trend is to use longer pull handles on tall cabinets. The longer line of the pull looks great with the longer line of the cabinet edge.

How can Classy Closets help?

We have a wide variety of handles and knobs for you to see and feel in our Chandler showroom. Our designers are also available to give advice and help you make the best design decisions for your home.

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