Easy Tips to Organize Your Drawers

filing clothes

Hey Chandler!

Finding clothes in your dresser can sometimes be a chore. For most people with busy lifestyles, putting clothes away nicely is not exactly a priority. However, an organized method to your dresser can make getting ready in the morning faster and maintenance is easy. A simple fold and order to your dresser can utilize space and keep your life at the pace you need.

1. Decide on a folding technique. There are two methods that we recommend: rolling or folding. (Stay tuned for a video tutorial on how to fold shirts with the same outcome every time!) Roll or fold them in a way that allows you to see the logo or graphic so you can differentiate between shirts.

2. Stack, or file, your shirts, pants, and pajamas next to each other instead of on top of each other. This allows you to see all of your clothes at once and reduces the chance of forgetting any shirts and keeps your dresser neat. Maintaining this order is easy and fast because your clothes do not get overturned every time you search for a shirt.

3. Finally, add dividers in your drawers to separate undergarments, socks, and tanks.

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