Clean Up Your Pantry!


Hey Chandler!

Although it is often skipped over during spring-cleaning, it is important to organize your pantry according to your needs and preferences. An organized pantry can keep your entire kitchen looking neat and can keep other aspects or your life organized, like grocery shopping and meal planning. We have a few tips to help you clean your pantry and maintain its organization.

1. De-clutter. If it’s been a while since you last cleaned your pantry, you probably have a bunch of old, expired food. Removing these from the pantry can free up a lot of space and make room for the food you can actually eat!

2. Look into storage solutions. Here at Classy Closets, we can makeover your pantry to your exact specifications. We can make your pantry fun and interesting, giving your whole kitchen a facelift.

3. Store your food. Keep foods stored in a logical fashion by grouping foods together that are similar (canned foods, snack foods, cereals, grains, etc.) and then in order of size. This will help your pantry look its best while making it easy to find the item you need!

4.  Maintain, maintain, maintain. Keep up the system by throwing away expired items and keeping your new, organized pantry clean!

For more organizational tips, take a look at our Classy Closets Pinterest! Also, visit us at our Chandler showroom for more information on refurbishing your pantry!

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