Organizing Cords

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Whether it’s in the office, entertainment center, or garage, power cords are messy and always in the way, and in this electronic dominating age, the cords are endless. Luckily, getting them out of sight and out of mind is easy and inexpensive.

1. Identify your cords with labels. With the mess of cords around an entertainment system or office, it is easy to mistake cords. With cord labels, you will never have to unplug the wrong cord again.


2. Gather the slack with cable ties. Most of the mess with cords comes from the length. Tie them up and reduce almost all of the clutter! While you can use regular zip ties to get the job done, reusable ties can be used hundreds of times without being cut.

cable tie

3. Have a lot of gadgets to charge? Hide the cords with a DIY foam pipe insulator. Just slice the foam down the length and store the cords inside with the ends hanging out the slit. The Unclutterer blog has step-by-step photos to help you.


4. Store extension cords in a paper towel tube. This is great for the garage, where extension cords can hang on a pegboard. It may not be the most attractive thing in the world, but it can make your slew of extension cords a lot more manageable.

papertowel extension cord

5. Keep laptop and phone chargers at hand with binder clips. Simply release one clamp, slip the cord through, and clip it onto your desk! This is a simple, but effective way to keep your cords where you want them. Check out lihab’s Flickr set for step-by-step photos.

binder clips

6. Keep the cords off the floor with a wire basket (aka cable tray). Snake cords under your desk and through a wire basket. By sticking the wire basket to the underside of your desk, you keep the cords off the floor and create a clean, uncluttered work area.


For more organizational tips, check out our Classy Closets Pinterest page!

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