Organizing Your Schedule

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Is your schedule becoming too chaotic with the coming of summer? Do you find yourself overworked and stretched thin between all of your appointments and to-do lists?

It might be time for a new way of scheduling.

Effective scheduling is crucial for an organized life, and here at Classy Closets we love organization. Scheduling isn’t just about packing as much into your day as possible. It’s about time management and planning.

With help from She Knows Living and Mrs. January, we have a few tips to help you organize your schedule.

1. Start tracking your time: Begin noting how long daily tasks take, including commuting, eating, social media, and errands.

2. Cut out time-wasters: After a week of tracking your time management, start cutting out wasteful activities that are counter-productive to your goals. Things like social media scrolling and TV watching are usually unnecessary and can be set aside until all of the “must do” items are completed.

3. Stay focused: Time management is key to a successful schedule. Don’t get distracted by other daunting tasks that lie ahead. Stay in the moment and work on one task at a time.

To help you keep your schedule, here are five organizing phone apps.

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  3. Kristy says:

    Fiindng this post has solved my problem

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