Turning a Messy Multi-Purpose Room into a Sleek Space with Classy Closets

Most of us have it; the inevitable “multi-purpose” room. It’s your work space, kid’s play area, laundry room, and storage room. A multi-purpose room is not a bad thing-  it’s nice to have a room that has multiple uses and can bring the family together. It’s the endless clutter and that pile of stuff that you have to climb over that’s the problem. That’s where Classy Closets comes in! The key to having a successful multi-purpose room is to have enough storage space so that your room can be clean, un-cluttered and organized. A Classy Closet’s designer can triple the amount of storage space you currently have and create home storage solutions tailored to your needs.

Here are some other helpful hints to consider when turning your messy multi-purpose room into a sleek shared space:

1. Assess your needs. Do you need a custom shelving unit for toys and books or a storage closet for Christmas decorations? Maybe you need an office or laundry unit, or a DIY craft station. Whatever your needs- a Classy Closet designer can help you create the perfect multi-purpose room.

2. Create an atmosphere you love. Add life and light to your space by using touches of color in your design elements: pillows, rugs, mirrors, lighting fixtures, etc.

3. Don’t be afraid to purge. Now is the perfect time to donate unused items, clean, and organize.

4.  Add touches of sentiment to your new space. Pictures or family heirlooms will add a familiar feeling, helping you to enjoy your new space even more.

Take a look at some of these organized multi-purposed rooms for some great ideas:


If you have a hectic multi-purpose room that you are ready to change into a clean and organized space, Classy Closets is ready to help! Visit our website for more ideas and to schedule a free in-home estimate with one of our professional designers.

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