Rail versus Cleat Systems

Making sure you have the highest quality closet is a priority at Classy Closets. We want the entire Classy experience to be the best from start to finish.

One of the ways we can ensure our product is top-notch and reliable is by using the Cleat System in our closet installation process.

If you’ve done some research, you may have found that other closet companies use the rail installation system. So what’s the difference anyway? And why does it really matter? We’ve got the answers.

The Rail System: 

Basically, a metal rail is placed where the closet will eventually hang. All of the cabinets are already pre-measured and cut to a certain size to ensure they fit to the rail. The entire closet essentially “hangs” on the metal rail.

rail closetcabinet suspension system


  • It’s a quick installation process and an easy way to “do it yourself”

  • Can easily be taken apart and moved


  • Sometimes, if the closet is positioned in a visible way, the metal rods can be seen and it looks less uniform.

  • Seemingly unstable if not in a wall-to-wall space

  • Rails are also more prone to collapsing because they are only supported in one spot

The Cleat System: 

The cleat system is made of the same wood being used for your closet. It is screwed directly into the studs in the wall at the top and bottom of every section, and re-enforced for drawer units with an additional cleat in a third center location.



  • Everything  is done with matching material and gives the closet a more finished look.

  • More durable. Allows us to put a top, bottom, and sometimes middle support which helps distribute the weight, where a rail system is just in one spot

  • A lot easier to work with, more flexible, and more cost effective


  • A cleat system takes a little more expertise from installers but ultimately results in an upgraded custom look.

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