How to Get a Picture-Perfect Closet


So now that your new dreamy closet has been installed (if it hasn’t, what are you waiting for? Call Classy Closets today!), you might be wondering how to get it to look as nice as the pictures you see.

Once all your old clothes and shoes are loaded back in, it can tend to make your new closet look messy and back to its old appearance.

No need to worry though, we’ve got some great ideas to help make your closet look picture-perfect so you can show it off to all your friends!

First, clean your closet. Go through everything; your socks, shoes, shirts, pants, belts, purses, etc. Get rid of things you don’t wear or use. If you’ve recently had a new closet put in, you’ve probably already done this when you had to take everything out. Great! You’re one step ahead (just another reason you should get your closet redesigned!).


Second, before you just start shoving things back in, take the time to separate items into groups. Keep all your shoes together. Separate your T-shirts from your blouses, your jeans from your dress pants.

Next, color coordinate the items in the groups. This really adds to the appearance of your closet and will make outfit pairing so much easier.

Clotheschallenge_hangers-mens-shirtsFinally, use one type of hanger for all of your clothes. This will give your closet a uniform look and everything will hang nicely without the bulk of different sized hangers. Best of luck organizing and enjoy your closet!

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