Organizing Men’s Closets

men's closetWhile closet organization typically appeals more to women than men, it is still just as applicable. However, organization for men is different than it is for women. Fawn Peterson, a designer here at Classy Closets, chimes in on how she designs men’s closets.

She explains that men like to keep their work clothes separate from their everyday clothes. Unlike women, who can wear most work shirts on a daily basis, men don’t ordinarily wear button up, long sleeved shirts just to lounge around the house. When designing a closet, she likes to create a space for work shirts, pants, and jackets, making it easier for him to match shirts and pants with a quick glance. She also places a tie rack in the same section so it’s easy for him to match his ties to his outfits. For his everyday clothes, she places a shelf for t-shirts directly above his jeans, which makes for an effortless, fast weekend outfit. Fawn also recommends a shelf for shoes and hats to keep the floor space neat and uncluttered.

Color coordination is not as important to men as it is to women. Women benefit from the “rainbow placement” because it makes matching outfits easier. Men, on the other hand, keep their white and colored dress shirts together and their suits and jackets near them for easy matching, but don’t bother with coordinating other shirts within the closet.

After establishing this method of organization, maintaining the cleanliness of your closet becomes much easier. You will no longer have to search for items in your closet because you’ll already know where they are!

Don’t already have shelves in your closet? Classy Closets can help you make the most of your closet space and can give it a refined, masculine feel! Visit or contact your local showroom for more information!

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