“Open” Concept Homes

It is a day and age where home owners want to make the most out of their square footage. Rooms no longer have to be defined as “offices”, “laundry rooms”, “closets”, or “dens”. People want more. Homes that utilize space actually have an increased property value which is extremely important with the current struggling housing market. This is not a new idea. Historic architect Frank Lloyd Wright came up with the concept of an “open” home nearly 100 years ago. These open homes were extremely popular near the beginning of the 20th century and now, as we close out the first decade of the 21st, these open homes are making a resurgence.

Storage is key for these “open” homes. Utilizing closet space and other storage facilities can eliminate the need for certain expensive furniture such as dressers and cabinets. There are even ways to cut down on the total square feet needed for your home. Having the option of wallbed in a home office can eliminate the need for a guest room. Your home is littered with places where good ideas can help maximize space. When you really look for ways to cut down on costs you can see the benefits of having the amenities of an “open” home.

Investing now can save you money in the future. Renovating your current home or adding some of the features of an “open” home to your new house can truly be beneficial, especially if you are planning to sell your home in the current market and economy.

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