Classy Closet’s Man Cave Must-Haves

It’s football season, baseball play-off season, hunting season and basketball season is just around the corner. All of this can only mean one thing- it’s also Man Cave season! A Man Cave is the ultimate hang out for the guys and the perfect place to enjoy a game, display your sports memorabilia or hunting spoils and relax with some friends. But before you hang up the posters and put your big screen on a little TV stand with wires hanging everywhere- check out Classy Closet’s Ten Man Cave Must-Haves:

1. Television- A Man Cave can’t be a Man Cave with no TV! Go ahead and kick-back, yell at the TV, and make bets with your friends all while watching your favorite sports team.

2. Entertainment Center- You need a place to put that slick television of yours. Only a custom Classy Closet entertainment center can give you what you are looking for. No matter how big your TV, what your system set up is, or the size of your space Classy Closets can create a custom entertainment center to be the focal point of your room.

3. Comfortable Chairs- This is a no brainer, really. Pull up a chair and relax. This room is all about you and you need a soft, comfy chair to relax.

4. Kitchenette- Whether you’re warming up frozen chicken wings and pizza or you want a little place to cook your own gourmet hors d’oeuvres a small kitchenette is a great option. Classy Closets can create a small, custom kitchen space that meets all of your needs.

5. Drink Bar- If you aren’t in need of a kitchenette a drink bar is a great alternative. Create a small custom space with a built in fridge and a small bar that you can sit up to and serve your friends some drinks.

6. Custom shelving- Go ahead! Create some custom shelving that will help you to display your favorite sports memorabilia and/or your latest mounts from this hunting season.

7. Drinks- Grab your favorite refreshments for your new drink bar or kitchenette!

8. Snacks- Go ahead and grab your snacks. Remember, what happens in the Man Cave stays in the Man Cave. No celery and carrots here…

9. Friends- Out of all the Man Cave Must-Haves this is the most important. Call and invite your friends, show off your new Man Cave, and start making bets for the big game (and that brings us to number 10…)

10. A Good Game- Sit down and watch the big game on your TV in your custom entertainment center, grab snacks from your kitchenette or drink bar, and enjoy the big game.

Take a look at some of these Ultimate Man-Caves for more ideas and don’t forget to call Classy Closets to help you create your Ultimate Man-Cave. Whether you need an entertainment center, kitchenette, drink bar, or memorabilia shelving- we’ve gotcha covered.


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