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Fun and Unique Children’s Bedrooms & Closets

Kid Closet Blog Graphic

Parents spend a lot of time browsing websites and magazines as they prepare to decorate their children’s bedroom. There are endless color, design and style possibilities!

We love that age-old rules have been discarded and you can decorate kid’s rooms exactly how you want. For example, it used to be more likely that a children’s room would be decorated in primary colors, standard children’s characters and other juvenile decor. Now you’ll see children’s rooms with muted colors that have elegant themes and feel like a calm retreat. You’ll see bedrooms with bright primary colors decorated with just the right amount of a child’s favorite character.

Parents are also opting to forego standard decorating and design elements in closets and choosing to choose colorful and playful designs. One of Classy Closets’ most pinned photos on Pinterest (over 16K pins!) is a pink princess closet with light pink cabinets, glass shelving and a sweet chandelier!

To find inspiration for your child’s room look beyond the standard colors and themes. Take inspiration from:

 - Your child’s hobbies

- Your child’s favorite color

- Your child’s artwork

- Your child’s favorite book and character

 Check out these fun and unique children’s closets and bedrooms!

Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest


Photo Courtesy of Petite and Small

Photo Courtesy of Petite and Small

Photo Courtesy of Land of Nod

Photo Courtesy of Land of Nod

For more inspiration for your child’s bedroom and closet, visit our Pinterest page!

Decorating A White-On-White Room or Home

white home

Crack open a home design magazine or scan the front page of Pinterest and it’s easy to see… the white-on-white home design trend is back with force! And we love it!

32- Merano White Painted Doors

People all over are challenging the age old rule that too much white in home design feels sterile and icy. If you’ve been wanting to try this beautiful white-on-white trend but aren’t sure how to execute, we’ve come to help. Here are a few of our best tips to keep in mind to keep going all-white all-right:

1. Mix and Match Different Whites: The most important thing when trying your hand at white-on-white, is making sure that you have different tones of white throughout the same room. White paint, fabric and decor will be cool-based or warm-based and naturally exude a different feeling. Cool-white paints feel clean and crisp, while warm-based paints feel warm and welcoming. Mixing and matching differently toned whites will introduce multiple colors into the room and each white piece will stand out. For example, consider painting your white shelves a different color than your white walls.

Unsure of which paints are cool or warm? Here are some of our favorite blog posts on the subject:

Studio McGee:

The Creativity Exchange:

2. Introduce Texture Into Your Space: Adding different textures to your all-white room will ensure that it won’t feel sterile. Textures will help fill the space that brighter colors would normally fill. Pillows, rugs and throw blankets are great ways to add texture. An example, add a small wood accent on your white shelves to add some warmth!

Our favorite place to find great rugs for a great price is: and here stylist Jenny Komenda discusses how to find a great rug on ebay:

3. Don’t Be Too Literal: Your room doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, completely white. Add other accent colors into your room to liven and brighten. Accent colors can easily be added through pictures, picture frames, wood pieces, pillows and other decor items. Layer your accent colors within your white pieces, so they don’t just feel added in at the last moment. For example, layer your white shelves with some white accents and some pictures or plants that add color!

4. Choose 2-3 Accent Colors: If you choose less than two accent colors, your room may not feel welcoming enough and will come off slightly under-developed. However, if you feel more than three your room probably won’t come off as “white-on-white” anymore. Any additional colors can be considered an accent: metallics from hardware and picture frames added to your white shelves, large wood pieces or small pillows. Accent colors can be introduced to your all-white room in large or small pieces. The larger the piece, the more neutral the accent color should be. For example, keep large pieces gray or wood.

Many of our clients have requested all-white closets, kitchens, bathrooms and more! Here are a few of our favorite white shelves and other Classy Closets’ storage systems:

13- Merano Glass Doors

5-White Painted Milano Doors


20 Napoli Kitchen in Glazed White