4th of July Decorations

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The Fourth of July is a time for remembering our American heritage and celebrating our freedoms. These celebrations include decorating your home to emulate your love of country. Make your home one to be proud of this holiday with easy, fun decorations!

Better Homes and Gardens has a few great suggestions for easy but beautiful decorations for Independence Day. One simple suggestion they had for a 4th of July party was to wrap small flags (or paper versions) around water bottles. Another was to buy unused paint cans (available at hardware stores) and use them for carrying treats around. All you would have to do is line the inside with a plastic bag, cover them with festive scrapbooking paper, and let the kids personalize them with stickers! Check out BH&G blog post for more decoration ideas! http://www.bhg.com/holidays/july-4th/decorating/easy-diy-decorations-for-the-4th-of-july/#page=1

BrightNest also had some great, easy tips. To hold silverware, or just as decoration, paint mason jars with red, white, and blue spray paint. By painting each jar a different color, you can make a makeshift flag! Another idea is to get red, white, and blue sprinkles and pour them into jars, either with one, singular color, or with all three layered. Place a candle on top and you have a centerpiece! Check out their entire post for more ideas. https://brightnest.com/posts/patriotic-party-4-minute-4th-of-july-decorations#

Patriotic printables are also a great way of decorating your home. There are tons of printables all over the internet, but these are a couple of our favorites.



We hope that with these decorating ideas you will be ready to celebrate the Fourth of July with your own style and flair!

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