Moving: Where do I start?

Classy Closets' Moving Tips

So, you’re moving! Congratulations! Now- how do you make moving easier? Where do you being? Check out our tips for a successful move. (Hint: they’re really helpful!)

Moving one’s entire life from one location to another is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Those dealing moving homes are typically attempting to juggle multiple things at once. Whether it’s family, holidays, or work- you’ve got a lot to do! The following tips will help you reduce the stress and make the experience more manageable.

One room at a time. If you’re moving to a home that is fairly close to your current one, consider moving a single room at a time. This can significantly reduce your anxiety. You can compartmentalize the work and still maintain your lifestyle of work and family. If you are not moving to a home near you, consider using the same technique for packing. Pack up one room at a time, leaving all the essentials out for everyday use.

Clearly mark boxes. When you’re packing up a room, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll remember which box you put your sheets in. Put the room the box goes in, and if you’re feeling extra organized, include a list of items inside the box. This will make unpacking much easier.

Mark boxes with colored tape. If you are using movers, color coordinate each box with colored tape. They’re unlikely to know where “Mark’s room” is.

Cut down on boxes. Use your many baskets and suitcases as makeshift boxes. Save a few trees, a few dollars, and space by packing your things in your own containers.

Use what you have. If you need extra padding for dishes or fragile items, use clean socks or shirts as a buffer between items. You save the environment a little every time you choose a sock over bubble wrap. It will also save you a trip to the store.

Make an inventory list. If you’re feeling really organized, take inventory of what you have. Put it on a spreadsheet and know if even a ladle is missing when you arrive at your new home. You can even coordinate the inventory list with the boxes they’re in by numbering the boxes. This can add stress and time if you’re not concerned about your possessions getting from A to B, or if you live in a large house- but for small moves, we like this idea!

Clean out your wardrobe. While moving has many vices, it has a few virtues. When you’re going through your closet and packing up your belongings, make a new pile for clothes you no longer wear. We all know the hoarder in you is clinging to that old t-shirt for the never-to-come rainy day, but let it go. Chances are you will never wear it again, and if you do, you’ll remember why it was stuffed in the back of your drawer. In fact, don’t only clean out your closet- take this opportunity to de-junk your entire house.

Back up your computer. Transferring important files to an external hard drive is something that most people won’t think of. Seriously consider doing this, though. If your computer breaks on the cross-country drive to your new home, you’re a bit out of luck.

Don’t forget an overnight bag. Many people forget to leave enough clothes for the trip to their new home. Pack enough clothes for the trip there and an extra day, in case you’re too exhausted to unpack when you reach your destination.

Clean first. Before you move anything into your new home, go through the entire house and clean it. This is especially important if you bought a house that has been sitting empty for a while. Sweep up all the dust on the floor, clean the countertops, and vacuum the carpets. After you place all your big items, you won’t have to go back and clean under them. If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry about deep cleaning everything. Simply clean the surface to get rid of the dirt. However, this is not always possible for everyone. Try your best to get around it, though. Moving near your in-laws? Ask them to clean for you with the promise of pie. Relocating near your sister’s family? Trade babysitting hours for cleaning services.

Good luck, and happy moving!

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